Community Support Services

  • Mental health first aid courses
  • Bereavement and other support groups
  • Workshops and seminars on a variety of topics on request including:
    • Relationship Enhancement
    • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
    • Anger Management
    • Dealing with the Blues
    • Parenting for Pre Schoolers
    • Effective Communications Skills
    • Using Journaling to Manage Life
    • Crisis De-briefing
    • Coping with Natural Disasters
    • Emergency Relief
    • No Interest Loans(NILS)confidential / free / mobile

Aboriginal Counselling and Support

Providing family counselling and
support activities
  • Assisting with referral and support
    to access appropriate agencies
  • Assisting families with networking
    and advocacy
  • Providing information
    through education and
    group activities
  • Promoting cultural
    awareness and sensitivity
    of Aboriginal issues

Individual and Family Counselling

Supporting families and individuals in crisis
  • Assisting family members to improve
    communication and resolve conflict
  • Promoting knowledge and
    skills to enhance relationships
  • Enabling individuals and families to cope
    with stress, anxiety, grief, depression and
  • Providing information and referral to appropriate agencies

Counselling is:

• Confidential
Information discussed with counsellor is treated in the strictest confidence
• Mobile
Counsellors can meet at your home or at another convenient location.
• Free
Southern Agcare is a non-profit, community based
organization providing a free counselling service to rural people in the Southern Region